How to Inhale Weed

How to Inhale Weed

Inhaling weed is how we as humans harness the THC (and other cannabinoids such as CBD) from cannabis smoke. In other words, inhaling weed is how we get high! There are many different ways to get that smoke and different benefits to each. With every method, the smoke is held in the body for several moments to ensure the most absorption of the cannabinoids. Read on to learn about how to inhale weed with different methods of smoking.


Joints are one of the most portable options when consuming cannabis. As a quick refresher, joints simply refer to cannabis rolled in paper. This paper can be made from a variety of source materials, be flavoured, or have other options such as pins. Also, joints tend to be the harshest of the delivery methods for cannabis. That's because joints are smoked in a similar way to cigarettes. Joints are often used in group situations and therefore can increase exposure to illness. 


Like joints, pipes are super portable, and some models even have a cover or a lid so they can be packed before use. Pipes come in a variety of materials such as clay, stone and metal. However, pipes help to cool the smoke when inhaled. Not to mention, pipes have the added benefit of being more discrete than smoking a joint and are much more wind resistant than joints. Pipes are often shared like joints; however, in many groups, individuals will carry their own pipes for sanitary reasons. 


Bongs differ from pipes by incorporating water into the smoking process. The water in the bong helps to further cool the smoke, as well as hydrate it. This creates a smoother experience for the user. Yet, some issues with bongs include size, as bongs require a reservoir for the water and thus make the average bong much larger than a pipe. Additionally, portability can an issue as bongs are large, often made of glass, and are prone to leaking. 


Vapourizers (or vapes) are the newest method of extracting THC from cannabis. They can range from small portable items to large tabletop units. Vapes use more potent forms of cannabis like oil or concentrates and heat the cannabis to turn it to vapour. Some cannabis consumers prefer this method as there is no combustion, thus no actual smoke or smell in this process. When you inhale the vapour, you absorb the THC and exhale the rest. Currently, this is believed to reduce carcinogen exposure. Though, there are other health concerns for vapes. 

Don't Forget Edibles

For those who cannot tolerate smoking or vaping weed, edibles are a great alternative. Edibles use butter, oils, or other ingredients that have been cooked with weed to extract the THC. When the cannabis-infused ingredient is added to baked goods, the THC is passed on to the consumer. 

Time to Enjoy

Inhaling weed is the quickest way to get THC from cannabis into the human body. How you inhale your weed can depend on how and where you want to consume it. For the best combination of portability and usability, we recommend choosing a discreet pipe. A pipe allows you to prep for the experience ahead of time, still enjoy the classic taste and scents of marijuana, and even smoke in windy conditions! If you are on the hunt for more information about pipe smoking, visit to the Parkdale Brass blog! For cannabis culture check out to our Instagram! Be sure to stop by The Parkdale Brass shop to check out our high-quality brass pipes.
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