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Parkdale Brass

The Bellwoods One Hitter

The Bellwoods One Hitter

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Take your smoke sessions on the go with this elegant and durable one-hitter. Inspired by the beautiful Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto, this pipe is designed for those looking to take their smoke session where the grass is greener. Fashioned from brass, The Bellwoods’ timeless style and modern design make for smooth clouds and worry-free smoke sessions for nature lovers and city slickers alike. 

The Bellwoods is built with the modern smoker in mind:

  • Non-Toxic: Rest assured that the eco brass body doesn’t burn or leach out any chemicals. Besides being completely safe to use, this type of brass prevents tarnish and provides a timeless shine.
  • Innovative: This one-hitter pipe features a floating barrel design. By reducing heat transfer from the front to the back, the barrel helps keep the mouthpiece cool while lighting. 
  • Easy to Clean: Made with 2 main components, The Bellwoods can be easily dismantled for easy clean-up. Quickly buff it with a pipe cleaner and wipe it down with alcohol to make sure your gear is always clean.
  • Superior Quality:  As a one-hitter made from brass, you can be sure this pipe is built to last. We selected the eco brass for both its safety and durability. This one-hitter will shine for years to come in your collection.

This isn’t like any other one-hitter. No gimmicks, no show, only pure smoking luxury.

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