Five Cannabis Cookbooks to Try This Fall!

Five Cannabis Cookbooks to Try This Fall!

Tired of space cakes or the same old weed cookies or brownies? Well, it's time to get creative with the help of professionals! Purchasing a cannabis cookbook is a small investment that can pay off big-time, giving you recipes to use year and after year as well as perfect as time goes on. Depending on your level of expertise, some of these cookbooks can show you the ropes while others may upgrade your cannabis cooking completely. Discover five cannabis cookbooks you'll want to try this fall to impress all your stoner friends!

Cooking with Cannabis Made Easy 

If you are new to cooking with cannabis, then Cannadish’s Cooking with Cannabis Made Easy is exactly what you need in your kitchen. Their delicious, yet simple recipes can be executed by even the greenest of cannabis chefs. Although they are straightforward and don’t require much experience, the recipes in this book certainly aren’t dull by any means. Both you and your friends will be surprised at the goodies you whip up. This book includes over 50 recipes that range from infusions to oils to full-blown cannabis meals, plus it is highly recommended for newbies!


Written by Stephanie Hua, the powerhouse chef we can thank for the gourmet brand Mellows, this cookbook serves as a manual for making delicious, sweet, and low-dose edibles. Spanning 30 recipes long, Edibles guides would-be cannabis chefs through crafting delectable cannabis treats in bite-sized portions. The cookbook starts with the basics, covering how to prepare anything from cannabutter to honey. Then, it enters a kind of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory level, instructing readers how to prepare decadent pavlovas and truffles. Edibles also offers cannabis education by diving into the science of cannabis, perfectly rounding out the whole cooking experience.

Cannabis Cuisine

You may know Andrea Drummer from Netflix’s “Cooking on High” but even if you haven’t had the chance to binge-watch the show yet, it doesn’t take much to know she’s a world-class cannabis chef! Known for her high-profile cannabis dinner parties in Los Angeles, Drummer is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, and that comes across in the Cannabis Cuisine cookbook. Not only does she share exquisite recipes, but also transmits her belief in the art of cannabis. Much like an experienced sommelier, she teaches readers how to pair strains with certain flavour profiles together with specific ingredients for a heavenly combination. While the recipes all have a fine-dining feel, they include various cuisines and can please just about any sophisticated stoner.

Cooking with Herb

We can’t talk about cannabis and cooking without mentioning the beautiful island of Jamaica. Cue Cedella Marley and her Cooking with Herb cookbook! Not only does Marley give us a look inside her family history and what living with Bob (Marley, of course) was like, but she also shares her philosophy on life. The Marley clan all lead clean and healthy lives that feature plenty of green, as we can tell from Cedella Marley’s commentary in the cookbook, which is an impetus for the marriage of cannabis and wellness. Alongside stellar Caribbean recipes, she offers tips for how to include cannabis into nearly every facet of your life for a healthier and happier you.

Bong Appétit

From the minds that brought you VICE’s Munchies and the award-winning show Bong Appétit, comes this cannabis cookbook with a variety of recipes to spice up your next Danksgiving. The well-styled photos are enough to inspire any middleweight cannabis chef to go the extra mile in the kitchen. For those tired of repetitive cannabis recipes, Bong Appétit showcases a variety of unique dishes, plus an array of mouth-watering dessert recipes. Not to mention, the “Projects” section features recipes for stunning cannabis leaf pesto, cannabis leaf chips, and herb focaccia for cooks who love to highlight the beauty of the plant itself. This cookbook also features upgraded teenage classics like the apple bong for a fun pre or post-dinner smoke!

Time to Enjoy

As the holiday season revs up, there are plenty of get-togethers you’ll want to cook for! With these five cannabis cookbooks, you are sure to find recipes that will please all the herb-friendly foodies you know. Don’t forget, as Tess Rose Lampert said herself, the Brockton Mk2 makes a great palate cleanser for those moments that are ideal for sparking up between courses! If you are looking for more cannabis education or fun infographics, hop on over to our Instagram. For tips on cannabis accessories or cleaning your gear, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, stop by our shop to peruse our high-quality metal smoking accessories!
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