3 Benefits of a Smoking Pipe With a Lid

3 Benefits of a Smoking Pipe With a Lid

As pipe smokers' needs and desires change, so do the designs of pipes available in smoke shops. Exhibiting a huge range of materials and features, the pipes of today are a far cry from their ancestors. However, despite the leaps and bounds most smoking pipes have travelled, some still debate the need for a smoking pipe with a lid. Apart from aesthetics, there is plenty to love about a pipe with a lid, especially if you are a smoker who needs a functional, dependable and efficient pipe. Discover the advantages that adding a lid to your accessory can provide.


When smoking conditions are a bit precarious, due to the weather or your smoke spot, a lid helps keep your stuff in place. For smokers who enjoy hiking or brisk walks in nature, a smoking pipe with a lid is hugely beneficial as it can keep flower from being blown away, dropped or lost. Of course, there is also the accidental and poorly timed sneeze that can send a freshly ground bowl flying in all directions. Anyone who has ever struggled with any of these issues will certainly appreciate the security a lid on a pipe can offer.


However, a smoking pipe with a lid doesn’t only keep your leaf safe, it can also help you get the most out of your goods. Smokers who want to stretch their stash by using a cannabis budget can parcel out their daily or weekly tokes with the lid feature. Whether you are hoping to manage your weed tolerance or waiting for a restock, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to limit your consumption. Simply load your daily limit of flower into the bowl, stash the rest away for safekeeping and only smoke what’s in the pipe. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say! Also, you can easily pack a bowl for later and take your pipe on the go without all the fuss.


For some smokers, putting a lid on a pipe might seem counterintuitive as generally, they need to be lit from the top. Nonetheless, there is a science behind adding a lid to your pipe, and one of its most notable effects is being able to control temperature and airflow. Controlling the temperature is important not only to avoid smoking too fast but also to fully enjoy the flavour profiles, as all terpenes have different boiling points. Moreover, a smoking pipe with a lid permits you to indulge at your own pace. Plus, closing the lid restricts airflow, which can prevent contents from burning any further. This keeps the goods intact and ensures that you can keep your session going at a later time.

Time to Enjoy

Anyone looking to try a smoking pipe with a lid will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits it can offer. While it is a unique feature of pipes today, it is valuable for smokers who spend time outdoors, want to enjoy slower smokes or make more efficient use of their cannabis! If you are searching for cleaning tips or cannabis accessories recommendations, check out more articles on the Parkdale Brass blog. For information on pipes and cannabis history or education, visit our Instagram. Be sure to stop by our shop to check out our high-quality metal smoking pipes with lids!
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