How to Stretch Your Cannabis Stash

How to Stretch Your Cannabis Stash

Fortunately for smokers across Canada and the US, cannabis dispensaries are still allowed to open their doors and operate during the current pandemic. Yet, many cannabis users are starting to brace themselves for the worst that may very well come. Social distancing and other measures in place are making it difficult for smokers everywhere to maintain their stock. If you’re wondering how to stay medicated in all this madness, here are some solid tips on how to stretch your cannabis stash amid the lockdown. 

Store your Cannabis Properly

Start strong by making sure that your stash is stored well from the get-go. Placing your cannabis in an airtight container will help keep it fresh for longer than if you leave it in a bag. Airtight containers also help speed up the curing process for your cannabis. This process allows terpenes and flavonoids to mature which, in turn, increases your cannabis’s potency. So, grab yourself a jar or an airtight tin and store your cannabis properly.

Grind your Buds

Grinders aren’t only handy tools for smoking, they can stretch your cannabis stash, too! Since most grinders have various chambers, they help catch falling trichromes as they break up nugs. This tool also helps you pick out unwanted stems from your buds while grinding your cannabis into an even texture for smoking or vaping. By grinding your goods, you can lengthen their lifespan and keep yourself from smoking too much too soon.

Use a Metal Pipe

The way that you smoke your cannabis can affect how quickly your stash goes. Although joints and blunts are classic favourites, their paper can burn too fast turning your cannabis into ash before you even inhale. If you’re looking for a slower smoke that will allow you to enjoy your flower longer, opt for a metal smoking pipe. Metal pipes are easy to clean, durable, and more affordable in the long run. Brass pipes work like a vape to slowly crisp your cannabis, so you can save it for later and smoke it for longer.

Make a Cannabis Budget

Not everyone smokes the same, so we understand that this may not work for all smokers. Still, when things are uncertain, rationing is a guaranteed way to lengthen the lifespan of your supply. If you know that you can only stock up once a week, then make a list detailing the most you’re allowed to smoke per day. By doing this, you’ll create a nice cannabis budget for yourself and avoid running out of meds when you need them.

Time to Enjoy

When tensions are high and the world seems to be filled with negativity, there’s no better time to medicate with cannabis. Should you be looking to stretch cannabis stash during the current lockdown, we hope these tips will be of service. For anyone looking to buy a metal smoking pipe, we highly recommend that you read our guide for cleaning metal smoking pipes. Take care of yourselves, practice social distancing, and please wash your hands. We will make it through this!

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