5 Essential Accessories You Need For Your Session

5 Essential Accessories You Need For Your Session

Delighting in the ritual often requires a bit of time and effort. As a matter of fact, most people need tools and accessories to help them enjoy their experience to the fullest. Nowadays there are accessories of all kinds, but depending on how you prefer to indulge, you may lean towards certain products. Still, there are essential accessories that everyone can enjoy regardless of their personal style or preference. Read on to discover the five essential accessories you’ll need to help you fully enjoy your next session.

Stash Box

First things first, you’ll need a stash box. While some people prefer stash jars, we think that that a stash box is a great catch-all option that can protect just about anything. This accessory fulfills two vital functions: protects the goods and hides any smells. Also, no matter what you’re puffing on, you want to be sure that it stays nice and fresh. Therefore, a stash box is a great way to keep your goods cool and dry, as well as contain any residual odours. 

Selecting a stash box that combines functional features with great design will make enjoying your flower much more satisfying. A well-chosen stash box can also help upgrade your ritual. After all, accessories that promote comfort and ease of use in our already stressful lifestyles are worth their weight in gold. This particular accessory is even ideal for storing several of the other accessories mentioned in this list.


While using scissors to trim your leaf is coming back in style, we’re fans of efficiency. A grinder is the quickest and most effective way to get you indulging sooner rather than later. You can pick up a grinder just about anywhere these days. Most gas stations offer brightly, coloured plastic grinders that are convenient if you’re on the run, but not built to last. We recommend always purchasing metal grinders as these will last the longest.

Of course, wooden grinders are another good option and we have to say that we love the look of them. Nonetheless, metal grinders combine both durability and affordability. When selecting your grinder, you can opt for as many lower chambers as you like. If you’re willing to invest more money, you may want to look at automatic grinders that save on effort and have plenty of built-in extras.

Rolling Tray

Most big brands offer their own rolling trays, available individually or in kits. Rolling trays also come in various materials like plastic, wood, glass, and aluminium. You may choose any texture or design you’d like, but you can always count on a raised edge that will keep your stuff from slipping or falling off.

Staying organized and keeping your goods contained when rolling makes cleaning up much easier. That’s why we’d recommend you use a rolling tray. Not only do rolling trays make your preparation easier, but they also help you save more of your flower. Although it happens, accidentally tossing out some of your stock while straightening up doesn’t feel great and that's why rolling trays are a must. Using this accessory will help you keep your place spick and span while allowing you to roll up quickly and safely contain any leftovers.


We’re huge fans of pipes, but we’re also firm believers in screens. Screens help ensure that you only receive the stuff you want in your clouds and nothing else. Regardless of what you choose to indulge in, nothing puts a damper on a nice session like unwanted flower in your mouth. These accessories are vital to your full enjoyment and that’s why we’ve made it so easy to change out screens in our pipe, The Brockton. Screens filter out all the unwanted things and leave behind only quality clouds.

Considering that screens are available in various types of materials and metals, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The screen you choose should correspond directly with the kind of pipe you have. If you’ve got a brass pipe, you may want to purchase a brass screen. Of course, screens, like most other accessories, are about preference and style. 

Pipe Case

Pipe lovers often regard their pipe as an extension of their hands. These accessories are precious and should be carefully looked after. Ergo, every pipe lover should have a pipe case. This is especially true of pipes made of ceramic or glass as they are more fragile and breakable. Unlike our pipe, which is made of brass and super sturdy, these pipes need extra protection.

However, a stylish pipe case can benefit even the most durable pipes. While The Brockton is tough and built to handle what life throws at you, you can maintain its beautiful shine by storing it in a protective pipe case. A pipe case is also a good way to keep out moisture that can affect pipes in the long run.

Time to Enjoy

Everyone needs dependable go-to gear to help them enjoy a superior session. From prepping flower to storing your goods, there are accessories for just about every part of the ritual. At Parkdale Brass, we prioritize accessories that are well-designed, functional, and long-lasting. Much like with our pipes, we favor accessories that can stand the test of time and provide a quality cloud time after time. When you take time out of your day to spark up and disconnect, you’ll want only the best of the best accessories within reach to ensure that it’s a stress-free and uplifting session.

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