How to Choose The Best Rolling Tray

How to Choose The Best Rolling Tray

Whether you prefer joints, pipes, bongs, rigs or vapes, there are certain accessories every smoker needs. A quality rolling tray can help you keep your house tidy, organize your goods and take the work out of your ritual. While many brands offer their rolling trays in kits complete with other accessories, you may not know which to choose if you are searching for your ideal rolling tray. Read on for our tips on how to find and select the perfect rolling tray for you!

Rolling Tray Sizes

Choosing a rolling tray is a very personal decision, as you have to consider where it will be used, how often, and for what. If you are planning to keep your rolling tray at home, you may want to opt for a larger size that will let you keep all your accessories in one place. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that’s for on-the-go or even outdoor use, a smaller size will be the best option. Depending on where you plan to use your rolling tray, you’ll also want to select a material that best fits your needs. 

Materials for Rolling Trays

Not all rolling trays are created equally! This has a lot to do with the material that these smoking accessories use. Some common materials used for rolling trays include:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

The material you choose will most likely depend on your budget, as each of these materials has its price range. Our biggest tip here is to consider longevity and sustainability. Unfortunately, when you buy cheap, you buy twice (or thrice)! We are fans of wooden rolling trays not just for aesthetics, but also because wood is naturally antibacterial, durable and doesn’t create microplastics. Of course, you can choose any texture or design you’d like! However, always go for a tray with a raised edge that will keep your goods from slipping or falling off.

Rolling Tray Functions

Once you’ve considered the size and material of your rolling tray, you also need to factor in functions. These days, manufacturers of these accessories are pulling out all the stops. Many rolling trays now have built-in functions for storing jays, organizing your flower or hash, as well as storing your grinder or concentrate jars. Should you be planning on keeping your rolling tray at home for regular use, you may want to splash out and choose one with extra features.

Time to Enjoy

Choosing the best rolling tray for you can be an exercise in getting to know yourself and what you need from your ritual. At Parkdale Brass, we feel that cannabis rituals should be not just personal, but also mindful, allowing for pause and reflection in our busy lives. If you are searching for more information about cannabis or smoking accessories, be sure to visit our Instagram. Anyone looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, be sure to visit our shop as our brass accessories have recently restocked! 

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