a beginner's guide to hash

A Beginner's Guide to Hash

Hash is the smokable substance that comes from collecting the crystals or trichomes from cannabis plants. Historically referred to as “chocolate” in many cultures across the globe, hash has been consumed for centuries. Recently, hash has experienced a resurgence in popularity as new technology and extraction methods have allowed producers to improve its quality. In this article, we’ll cover the history, different methods for making hash, and how best to consume it. So, let’s get smoking!

The history of hash

The word “hash” comes from the Arabic word “hashish” which means “grass.” The use of hash is believed to have come about around 900 AD. Nonetheless, some argue that before that farmers created and used “charas” which are balls of collected cannabis resin. In India, charas have been mixed with tobacco and other substances and smoked out of chillums for centuries. 

As international trade routes expanded and westerners began to explore Africa, hash was later transported to Europe sometime in the 19th century. Hash became so popular that western doctors even began to import it to use its properties to craft medicines. In fact, much of the Western pharmacopeia of the 20th century included hash extractions. However, when the United States made cannabis illegal these products were outlawed and hash was forced back into the black market.

How is hash made?

Hash has traditionally been made by collecting the sticky, resinous crystals that fall from cannabis leaves and stems. Nowadays, the process involves separating kief from the plant and using extreme pressure and heat to rupture the resin glands. Once the glands are ruptured, the trichomes can easily be compacted and the composition changed. The process that is used for making hash depends largely on the location and technology of the producer. 

Today, there are two main types of hash.

  • Dry sift hash - This is the classic method that involves using a mesh screen to separate the trichomes from the resin glands. For best results, cannabis is often frozen which allows the crystals to break off more easily. The appearance of the hash made using this method is that of hard-pressed solids usually in the shape of bricks. The shape and colour of this hash earned this form of the cannabis extract its nickname of chocolate.
  • Ice water hash (bubble hash) - This modern method of extracting trichomes from the cannabis plant involves dry ice, water, and a silkscreen. The name comes from the fact that hash produced using this method melts like ice rather than burning. Hash made using this method can be further processed using hot plates to make live rosin. Hash rosin is one of the best and most expensive ways to consume cannabis today.

How to smoke hash

Perhaps one of the greatest things about hash is how simple and versatile it is to smoke. If you’re a chillum smoker, you can load your gear with pure hash and enjoy it in all its glory. For pipe smokers and bong lovers, hash can be crumbled on top of fresh flower and smoked that way. Anyone who prefers a spliff or a more tobacco heavy bowl can also combine hash with their goods for the perfect blend. If you’re smoking bubble hash, or dabbing, you’ll want to use a special rig complete with a screen to ensure you only inhale the good stuff.

Time to enjoy

Hash is a time-honoured form of consuming cannabis that many smokers still prefer to this day. Whether you’re a hash expert or a newbie, we recommend at least trying this method of enjoying cannabis to broaden your horizons. For more cannabis education and some fun infographics, visit our Instagram. If you’re interested in learning about cannabis and ways to smoke, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. Discover how you can enjoy your hash to the fullest with our functional, rugged, and timeless pipe The Brockton Mk2.


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