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The Brockton Mk2 Special Edition

The Brockton Mk2 Special Edition

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Elevate your smoke sessions with this robust metal smoking pipe. Crafted with brass and inspired by 20th-century design, Brockton Mk2 fuses together functionality and elegance. The pipe’s sturdy fittings, timeless style, and modern design make for smooth clouds and worry-free smoke sessions.

The improved Brockton Mk2 is built for an even better experience, every time:

  • Non-Toxic: The chrome plated brass body doesn’t burn or leach out any chemicals, so it’s safe to use without any worry. Chrome plated brass prevents tarnish and provides a timeless shine.
  • Convenient: This pipe is easy to fill and light, with a lid that closes to keep your leaf secured. Light your pipe from the bottom and never worry about burning your fingers again.
  • Easy to Clean: Made with 4 main component components, Brockton Mk2 can be easily dismantled for a quicker clean up. Clean or replace its filter whenever you want to ensure that your pipe is always clean.
  • Superior Quality:  With sturdy fittings, three magnets, and a brass body, this pipe is built to last. The chrome plated brass prevents tarnish making this durable pipe a timelessly beautiful piece. This pipe will shine for years to come in your collection.

This isn’t like any other smoking pipe. No gimmicks, no show, only pure smoking luxury.

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