The Pros and Cons of Metal Smoking Pipes

The Pros and Cons of Metal Smoking Pipes

Are you considering buying yourself a metal smoking pipe but need a little help deciding? We know how that goes, and we’re here to provide support in any way we can. As lifelong smokers, we have enjoyed accessories crafted from an array of materials, and want to share our wisdom with you! Discover more about metal smoking pipes and their pros and cons for smokers.

Types of Pipes

There are a variety of different pipes available to the modern-day smoker. As we told the Budtender’s Association, we like to classify these pipes into three categories:

  • Glass Pipes (The Newbie)
  • Wooden Pipes (The Old Timer)
  • Metal Pipes (The Immortals)

If the nickname doesn’t say it all, let us explain. Glass pipes are usually the more affordable smoking pipes, available in fun shapes and colours at most smoke shops. They also break the easiest, and even the pipes marketed as “shatterproof” go to meet their maker eventually. As lovers of vintage style, we can’t speak badly about wooden pipes or their flavour, but again they can be broken! However, metal smoking pipes are where the conversation gets interesting.

Pros of Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal smoking pipes earned the nickname of “The Immortals” because of their sturdiness. Not only are they tough to break, but when made from quality material, they age like fine wine. Like the look of patina or tarnish? Then, you’ll love how your metal smoking pipe ages gracefully a few years down the line. The aesthetics of these pipes aren't the only pros, they also offer:

  • Durability - You’ll be hard-pressed to bust a metal smoking pipe!
  • Functionality - Their production ensures that they work as they should.
  • Special features - Easily tighten or loosen parts on your pipe.
  • Modular design - Some metal smoking pipes have add-ons to customize your piece.

Cons of Metal Smoking Pipes

Depending on the kind of smoker you are, metal smoking pipes may not meet your requirements. Of course, this depends on the maker, material and type of pipe. Here are some possible drawbacks:

  • Price - Smoking pipes made from glass and wood are usually more affordable.
  • Quality - Easily one of the biggest concerns with metal smoking pipes is their material. Too many metal smoking pipes use low-quality metals.
  • Taste - Smoking from a metal smoking pipe offers a metallic taste at first.

A Note About The Brockton Mk2

Parkdale Brass is passionate about providing unique smoke sessions with our high-quality brass pipes. While we understand that all smokers will choose what’s best for them, we want to address some of the cons of metal smoking pipes and how we’ve circumvented them in The Brockton Mk2. This metal smoking pipe uses high-quality, medical grade, chrome-plated brass that is safe to smoke from and more resistant than pure brass. Also, while price may be a concern for smokers, our pipe works to crisp flower and tobacco, which helps you significantly increase the lifespan of your stash. Finally, we can guarantee that the metallic taste from this metal smoking pipe eventually goes away as you use your pipe and resin builds.

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Time to Enjoy

Like any other smoking accessory, metal smoking pipes have their pros and cons. At Parkdale Brass, we believe in being transparent and acknowledging customer pain points. If you are searching for more information about smoking pipes, be sure to visit our Instagram. Anyone looking for tips on selecting smoking accessories or strain recommendations, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, be sure to visit our shop as our brass accessories have recently restocked! 

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