Best Smoke Shops in Toronto

Best Smoke Shops in Toronto

As long-time smokers and locals to Toronto, we’ve visited quite a few smoke shops in our day. Since sharing is caring, we decided to create a short and sweet guide to some of the greatest smoke shops in our hometown.  Even in the era of social distancing, you can order from these shops which may help elevate your day. In this guide, you’ll find our list of the best smoke shops in Toronto and what we love about them.

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Company

Located on 202 Queen Street West, The Hunny Pot Cannabis Company was Toronto’s first legal smoke shop. THP offers three floors of cannabis goodness and accessories. Their knowledgeable budtenders are ready to help and staff picks are particularly great, too. The Hunny Pot Cannabis Company even allows returning customers to order at the front, which is a nice way to save time if you already know what you want.

Nova Cannabis

Plenty of local smokers prefer Nova Cannabis for its user-friendly setup and great customer experience. Situated on 299 Queen Street West, this smoke shop offers everything from strain cards to education sessions to help people learn more about their bud. The in-store experience at Nova Cannabis is enjoyable, however, if you’re looking to get as much information from their website, you’ll be out of luck. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t give you a good idea of what they’ve got in store.

Tokyo Smoke

This boutique smoke shop truly upholds the idea of designer cannabis. Tokyo Smoke categorizes its cannabis by moods which means they have a strain for every occasion. You can find this huge space on 333 Yonge Street with a plethora of cannabis accessories that bring out the finer side of smoking. Tokyo Smoke also promotes “higher learning” which is helpful for anyone looking to discover different ways to consume cannabis.

Canna Cabana

A little further down Yonge Street, at number 435B, you’ll find Canna Cabana. Although it opened later than other shops, this smoke shop boasts great customer service and good prices, as well. The shop has a clean layout and sports a fun, tropical design that makes you feel like you’re on vacation while shopping. It also helps transmit some of that vintage Yonge Street energy, while still being a government-licensed dispensary. We also really appreciate that Canna Cabana has a program in place to recycle leftover cannabis packaging.

Time to Enjoy

Since these are some of the best smoke shops in Toronto, you’ll be happy to hear that they are still operating during the coronavirus lockdown. Despite these uncertain times, Toronto's smoke shops are finding ways to get medicine to people. Whether it’s curbside pick-up or click-and-collect, they are working hard to provide cannabis to the public. Visit either their websites or social media pages to find out how you can order cannabis from these smoke shops. 

Please, stay safe out there, use precaution, and remember to support local businesses such as these! 

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