how cannabis makes your life happier

How Cannabis Makes Your Life Happier

Old stereotypes of cannabis consumers portray them as slackers, complete misfits, or jailbirds. However, science and recent studies have evidence that proves quite the opposite. The truth is that using cannabis makes your life happier and can actually improve your lifestyle. Researchers have looked at key factors, such as employment and socializing habits to measure the happiness of cannabis consumers. Read on to discover how cannabis makes your life happier and the statistics behind it.

It Makes You More Successful

The idea of the successful stoner isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s a reality! A study conducted by BDS Analytics in Colorado and California discovered some important figures on this subject. In California, the average cannabis consumer earns $93,800 while the average cannabis rejector earns $75,900. As far as professional preparation goes, 20% of consumers in California have a Master’s degree and only 12% of rejectors have a Master’s. In Colorado, 64% of cannabis consumers are employed full-time whereas 54% of rejectors enjoy full-time employment. 

Cannabis Consumers Spend More Time Outdoors

California and Colorado are two North American states that have quite the outdoorsy reputation. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to change the way your mind works, leading to less rumination and negative thoughts. According to BDSA’s findings, cannabis consumers in both California and Colorado spend more time outdoors than non-users. In Colorado, 57% percent of consumers enjoy the outdoors, but only 26% of cannabis rejectors do. Similarly, in California, 50% of cannabis consumers spend time outdoors while only 36% of rejectors enjoy spending time nature.

People Are More Social with Cannabis

Connecting with others and socializing are central to living a happier life. Psychologists suggest that people who have more social interactions are happier than those who do not. In Colorado, 36% of cannabis consumers described themselves as very social whereas 28% of rejectors said they were social. BDSA’s study went on to measure how many people considered themselves nurturing with 60% of cannabis consumers and 41% of rejectors agreeing. Furthermore, in California, 38% percent of cannabis consumers stated that they volunteer to help others yet only 25% of rejectors did the same.

Cannabis Users Are More Satisfied with Life

Although it may not be easy to measure the level at which people are satisfied with their lives, asking them is a good place to start. When asked, five out of ten cannabis consumers in Colorado said they were happy with their lives. This number was notably more than cannabis rejectors in the same state. Considering these numbers and the combination of all the previous data, scientists believe that cannabis consumers are more content with life. They are also more well-adjusted and exhibit more positive lifestyle indicators than people who do not consume cannabis.

Time to Enjoy

Cannabis has many benefits, ranging from its healing properties to its ability to allow people to live better lives. Our interest in the facts surrounding cannabis continues on, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for more cannabis education. Those who choose to smoke cannabis might be interested in our guide on how to clean a smoking pipe. We’ve also compiled a list of the best smoking accessories for your next smoke session. Our newest pipe, The Brockton Mk2, is now available for anyone looking to add a functional, rugged, and timeless accessory to their collection.

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