Why You Should Try King Palm

Why You Should Try King Palm

While the team at Parkdale Brass are pipe smokers through and through, on the occasion we enjoy a rollie, we like to make it special. In comes King Palm, whose products you’ve likely seen in nearly every cannabis influencers’ set up at one point or another. The name says it all: king, evoking a sense of luxury and royalty, and palm, referring to the main material used in the all-natural leaf wraps. It’s those kinds of standards that we look for and support when venturing into the world of cigars and wraps. Discover more about this pioneering smoking accessory brand and why you should try King Palm.

An Organic Option

Beyond the luxurious aesthetic of these royal rollies, possibly the biggest selling point is that they are completely organic. For health-conscious smokers, that is a huge plus, especially considering that there are studies that have found toxic elements in rolling paper. Ergo, cannabis consumers can roll up these wraps and indulge without the fear of synthetic chemicals or their harmful side effects. Nonetheless, being natural and organic doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality like many people often think. These palm wraps are sturdy and can safely store your cannabis within their quality-controlled designs.


Whether you prefer a joint or a blunt, there are plenty of brands available on the market to serve your needs. However, some cannabis consumers prefer not to mix their goods with tobacco, for a variety of reasons, and one of them being flavour. That’s another reason why King Palm is great because it's tobacco-free. You don’t have to worry about tobacco, but if you do want to add a little extra taste, you can choose naturally flavoured wraps. These options are ideal for complementing the terpene profile of your flower, making these wraps perfect for a delicious after-dinner smoke.

Ancient Tradition

King Palm notes that the brand’s vision originates from the ancestral practices of using palm leaves to smoke. Somewhere around the 10th century, the Mayans were using leaves to smoke. These ancient leaf wraps were not only the predecessors to present-day cigars, but also served as the inspiration for European smoking methods in the 15th century. The brand is imbued with the need to honour ancient smoking history in a contemporary way while bypassing all the problematic (and addictive) aspects of modern rolls and wraps. What’s not to love about that?

Time to Enjoy

Next time you roll up and are looking for a unique experience, consider trying out a King Palm. Not only will you enjoy a delicious and natural smoke, but you’ll also be choosing a healthier and time-honoured smoking tradition. So smoke up, and let us know what you thought of these all-natural leaf wraps in the comments! Should you be searching for advice on slow smoking or accessories, visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram! If you are looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. Also, be sure to take a peek at our high-quality brass pipes and accessories in our shop, too!

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