Why Metal Pipes Are Better than Glass Pipes

Why Metal Pipes Are Better than Glass Pipes

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Every smoker has their favourite setup; dabbers love rigs, vapers avoid combustion, and folks with a well-worn esophagus enjoy gravity bongs. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn’t, the material your gear is made from is crucial. We’ll admit that glass art and pipe making are truly an art form, yet investing in a piece that has its days numbered is just setting yourself up for heartbreak. For cannabis consumers who want accessories that are robust and resilient, metal pipes are it, chief! Read on to learn exactly why metal pipes are better than glass pipes. 

Durability Is King

Comedian and Leafly’s The Roll-Up podcast co-host Alyssa Yeoman noted that glass pipe users are used to their gear shattering into pieces. It’s like self-flagellation for stoners — you buy a nice glass pipe knowing it’s only a matter of days, weeks, months, maybe years (if you’re lucky) before it breaks. That window of time is highly dependent on how often you smoke, as well. If you’re going to purchase smoking accessories, you want to be sure they are durable and can survive the wear and tear of daily life. Unfortunately, even with “shatter-proof” glass that’s never the case.

The Longevity of Metal Pipes

While this is somewhat in the same vein as durability, the longevity that metal pipes offer really can’t be beaten. When a pipe is durable, it stands the test of time and can take anything you throw at it. Just short of losing them (or dropping them off a cliff), metal smoking pipes will stick with you through thick and thin. We’ve heard customers joke about using The Brockton Mk2 as a weapon because of how sturdy it is. Even though we don’t condone violence, we’d have to speculate that a metal pipe would be great for self-defence because of its build and lifespan. 

Travelling with Metal Pipes

In a post-pandemic world, most people are pretty sick of being stuck inside. Quarantines and lockdowns have smokers itching to get out and explore, and logically, they want to take their pipes with them. While glass pipes don’t travel well, metal pipes certainly do. There’s no need to have any fear of your metal pipe biting the dust in your backpack, carry-on or checked luggage. Sadly, the same can’t be said for glass pipes (even inside a case) as they’ll head off to the big pipe cemetery in the sky at the first sign of turbulence.

Time to Enjoy

Indulge in a worry-free smoke with metal pipes that are built for the ages. If you liked this article, read up on The Origins of the Metal Smoking Pipe. Anyone looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education can find that and more on the Parkdale Brass blog. Should you be searching for information about cannabis or smoking accessories, be sure to visit our Instagram. Also, don't forget to check our shop to learn more about our durable metal pipes and other high-quality accessories!
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