What is GrassCity?

What is GrassCity?

Over twenty years ago, shopping in a smoke shop was only possible if you had one in your town or city. Everyone else had to travel to find one or get a friend to purchase goods and mail them, that is until the invention of GrassCity. This cannabis culture icon made it possible for cannabis consumers everywhere to get their goods delivered discreetly to their homes. From their online offerings to furthering cannabis education, this international headshop broke down many barriers for the plant in the early 2000s. Discover the story behind GrassCity, how they helped shape the modern cannabis space, and the legacy they’ve created.

The First Online Smoke Shop

GrassCity launched in 2000 and helped bring smoke shops into the digital age. In the New Millennium, education and entertainment became deeply embedded in the world of computers, so it was only logical that cannabis would be, too! Legend has it that cannabis was the first online purchase, although the ARPANET platform of the 1970s was far different from the World Wide Web during the year of Y2K. GrassCity was the first online headshop that allowed users to easily and discreetly shop for cannabis gear and accessories. As it was still decades before any country fully legalized cannabis, discretion was key.

Why Their Story Matters

Offering a range of accessories, GrassCity began with the goal of catering to cannabis consumers of all kinds. While their operation started small as a website called Coffeeshop-Amsterdam, in 2018, the brand joined forces with High Tide, expanding exponentially and increasing its foothold overseas. The headshop soon grew to where it is today, with warehouses in both Europe and North America. The location of their warehouses and variety of goods made it possible for cannabis consumers everywhere to buy their cannabis accessories online. Both the accessibility and the quality of their products revolutionized the cannabis user’s experience. It is this trailblazing tradition that the brand carries forth to this day, inspiring modern brands and smokers alike.

The GrassCity Legacy

Although this innovative headshop continues to evolve and offer the newest and most trendsetting products, its ethos has not changed. The idea that cannabis consumers should have the best products and the best price available at the click of a finger is still their main goal. Of course, there are cannabis accessories for every budget, as GrassCity’s passion is to provide something for cannabis consumers of every type. From newbies to cannabis connoisseurs, there are accessories for everyone in stock at this iconic online smoke shop. Whether smokers are looking for something more general or a specific accessory, they’ll be able to order it from any corner of the globe. Plus, the GrassCity forum remains a space for cannabis users to connect, learn, and grow together, cultivating a community inspired and driven by respect for the plant.

Time to Enjoy

At Parkdale Brass, we are following in the footsteps of GrassCity by offering an online space where cannabis consumers can purchase goods and educate themselves, as well. Are you searching for strain recommendations or cannabis education articles? Then, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. If you are looking for pipe cleaning tips, visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram! Don’t forget to stop by our shop to peruse our range of high-quality accessories and read our customer reviews to see which accessories are the best for you!
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