The Brockton Versus The Journey Pipe

The Brockton Versus The Journey Pipe

Many of you found our last metal pipe comparison article helpful, so to keep the same energy, we’re continuing the saga. Here we are again, laying our pipes on the table and stacking them up side by side with the Journey Pipe. This American-made pipe has a gold version that resembles the look of the Brockton Mk2. Nonetheless, we believe you’ll find that the pipes have little else in common. Discover the differences between the two and how they are upgrading the metal smoking pipe game.

High-Quality Metal Smoking Pipes

Unfortunately, metal smoking pipes tend to have iffy reputations. People often question what they’re made of and if they’re even safe to smoke. However, both Parkdale Brass and the Journey pipe craft pipes that are made from non-toxic materials. Not to mention, the make of these smoking accessories ensures that they are safe to use and that heat will not cause them to leach out harmful chemicals. After all, using a pipe is about taking time to slow down and relax, not give yourself an anxiety attack.

The Journey Pipe

The Journey Pipe changed hands a few times before finally being managed by Head Choice Inc. Its design has been replicated by many, and you can find plenty of copycats online. Also, the Journey Pipe has three main models, J2, J3, and J4, with each one improving on the last. The J4 metal pipes feature:

  • A modular pipe body
  • Magnetic lid
  • A silicone grip
  • Screenless technology

These pipes are crafted from zinc alloy and are non-toxic, as well as heat resistant. Also, the newer models feature increased bowl sizes.

The Brockton

Designed by Shawn Santiago in Toronto, Ontario, the Brockton originated in 2019. The Brockton Mk1 used pure brass, whereas the Brockton Mk2 uses chrome-plated brass for a timeless shine. This modern brass pipe features:

  • A modular pipe body
  • Magnetic lid
  • A bowl that lights from the bottom
  • Changeable screens

The Brockton uses medical-grade chrome-plated brass that is also non-toxic and heat resistant. Most customers will tell you that the size of the bowl surprised them and was bigger than they had thought it would be.

The Verdict

While both of these pipes have magnetic lids, that’s about as similar as they get. The Journey Pipe has its initials stamped inside the lid, whereas the Brockton Mk2 displays it on the top of the lid. Also, the Brockton comes in a timeless brass colour, while the Journey pipe comes in red, silver, black and gold. The weight of these pipes varies significantly, as the metal used for each is different. Furthermore, the Brockton Mk2 allows smokers to change screens, and the Journey Pipe forgoes screens completely. Not to mention, the smoking experience is different, considering the Journey Pipe lights from the top, and the Brockton lights from the bottom, crisping the flower instead of burning it.

Time to Enjoy

Cheers to the Journey Pipe, an American smokeware brand helping spread the good word about metal smoking pipes! We hope you found the comparison between these two pipes helpful and would be happy to answer any questions in the comments! Anyone searching for more information about smoking accessories or pipes, be sure to visit our Instagram. If you are looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, be sure to visit our shop and feast your eyes on our new inventory!
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