The Best Cannabis Strains for Autumn

The Best Cannabis Strains for Autumn

Today marks the first official day of autumn and while some people may be thinking of pumpkin spice lattes, we’ve got something else on our minds. Cannabis, of course! When the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, nothing keeps you warm like a soothing bowl of fresh flower. Whether you’re snuggled up by a campfire or indoors watching the leaves change colour, you’ll surely enjoy these cannabis strains. Read on to discover the best strains for autumn that you’ll want to smoke all season long.

Changing Seasons with Cannabis

Autumn is a time of transition, of harvest, of festive holidays that you can celebrate with friends and loved ones. Therefore, it’s only natural to want to mark the occasion with special cannabis strains that honour the season. Just as you would choose strains that might have more CBD to manage the effects of the heat in summer, you should also adjust your selection in the cooler months. Opting for autumnal colours like gold, orange, and brown, as well as classic flavours such as caramel apple or ginger can help you get in the spirit. Selecting strains that have brighter notes and flavours is also a great idea for cannabis users who may need some extra motivation on those chilly autumn mornings.

Cannabis Strains for Autumn

These strains are sure to please smokers of all kinds this autumn.

  • Maple Leaf Indica - Nothing says autumn in Canada like the sight of colourful maple leaves everywhere, which makes this strain an absolute must. Complete with its combination of spicy and sweet flavours, this indica also has a decent amount of THC which levels out around 18%. Additionally, you can count on this strain providing both euphoric and soothing effects, which are ideal for a stroll through the falling leaves.
  • Caramelo - Awaken your inner child with the caramel flavours (reminiscent of caramel apples) in this sweet, yet extremely potent strain this autumn. Regarded as a heavyweight around the globe, Caramelo has more than 30% THC and is known for being both a calming and productivity-boosting strain. We recommend enjoying this strain indoors when the weather outside is a bit dreary.
  • Ginger Punch - Evoke the flavours of the autumn harvest with this earthy and fruity tasting strain. This strain is ideal for improving your mood with its euphoric effects, as well as providing a soothing body high that is ultra-relaxing. Ginger Punch only has 12% THC which makes it great for any day of the week and also getting a goodnight’s sleep.
  • Sch’Lemon Cake - Autumn is never complete without a slice of cake or pie to round out the season. Add a dash of brightness to those rainy, grey autumn days indoors with this stimulating strain. Known for boosting creativity, Sch’Lemon Cake can help you focus your energy on whatever your creative outlet may be, whether that’s music, drawing, writing, or anything else.
  • Ghost Train Haze - You simply can’t enjoy the spooky season of autumn without a few ghosts here and there. Put yourself in a spooky mood with this award-winning strain that earned first place in the Sativa Category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014. With a THC level of 25%, you may even be tempted to enjoy this strain long after autumn has gone.
  • Misty Morning - While the name Misty Morning may have you thinking this is a wake and bake strain, it’s best enjoyed in the evening. This strain only has around 10% THC, which makes it perfect for relatively new cannabis users looking to enjoy those autumn vibes. Not to mention, this strain provides feelings of euphoria and relaxation but is gentle enough to ease your mind.
  • Lemon Power - Another strain that’s great for motivating smokers on a moody autumn morning, Lemon Power is energizing and invigorating. This sativa strain can help improve your mood and get you out of bed on those extra chilly days. With 20% THC, this strain provides long-lasting effects that give you energy and help you feel more creative throughout the day. 
  • Key Lime Pie x Dosidos - A cross between two well-known cultivars, this strain provides a fragrant perfume that smells like a slice of fruit pie. Its flavours are reminiscent of creamy custard with hints of spices and berries. Although don’t let the smell fool you, this strain has around 24% THC and provides potent effects to help soothe your mind and body this autumn.

Time to Enjoy 

As you transition between the season, we hope you’ll enjoy these flavorful cannabis strains for autumn. For more cannabis strain recommendations, head to our Instagram. Anyone looking for more cannabis education and tips on smoking, be sure to visit the Parkdale Brass blog. Remember to check at our online shop, as well. There’s a restock of our functional, rugged, and timeless brass pipes coming soon!
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