Slow Smoking with Brass Pipes

Slow Smoking with Brass Pipes

Believe us, we listen to the feedback we get. For those who aren’t fans from the get-go, criticism ranges from “it’s too heavy” to “this is not a pipe for on-the-go smoking”. While we do our best to give everyone the information and support they need to smoke The Brockton, the reality is that it’s not a pipe for every smoker. It was fundamentally conceived and designed as a pipe that demands you to pause, sit down and engage in the art of slow smoking. If you’re interested in learning more, read on to explore what slow smoking is and why brass is the perfect material for it.

Take time, slow down

Modern life moves at break-neck speed. We can have anything we want in the blink of an eye, or really at the click of a button; however, peace of mind isn’t so easy to obtain. In fact, it is something that requires practice and reflection, a moment to gather yourself and your thoughts and be present. That’s why at Parkdale Brass, we encourage our customers to partake in slow smoking, a kind of smoking experience that really is about being here now. As part of a self-care or mindfulness ritual, slow smoking can not only help you become more aware of your consumption and how you use your gear, but also of yourself and your body. 

Brass: the ideal material for slow smoking

We repeat: our medical-grade, chrome-plated brass is entirely safe to smoke. As a matter of fact, it is most likely one of the safest materials out there for making metal smoking pipes. Moreover, brass doesn’t conduct heat or get as hot as other types of metals. While you may only become an expert at cherrying the blow after some practice, the fact that the bowl goes out when not being smoked forces you to be mindful of your consumption and mentally present during your smoking session. It pushes you to ask yourself, “Do I need another toke? Or am I at a good place?” All in all, that is the slow-smoking mentality. Because sometimes less really is more.




Mindful consumption with brass pipes

Some people enjoy a quick and efficient smoke, and that’s absolutely fine. Nonetheless, based on our past smoking experiences, we wanted to change the way people smoke cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis, the overall view of the plant is changing and so too should the way it is consumed. People are more conscious of the plant’s properties and benefits than ever, plus there are more and more connoisseurs, so why can’t we indulge in cannabis the same way we would a fine wine, an aged whisky, or a luxury cigar? Rather than squandering it, we choose to savour it and be mindful, as well as grateful for the experience. 

Time to Enjoy

When you choose to smoke with a brass pipe, you must acknowledge the fact that you are choosing to engage in a different kind of smoking experience. This is not a fast, one-and-done smoking experience, but rather a leisurely experience, akin to meditation, that requires you to be present mentally and physically to truly enjoy smoking. For more brass pipe tips and tutorials, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. Those looking for infographics or more cannabis education, hop on over to our Instagram! Also, don’t forget to peruse our accessories in The Parkdale Brass shop!
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