Redesigning the Home Grow with Grass + Grain Co.

Redesigning the Home Grow with Grass + Grain Co.

Grass + Grain Co. designs and builds Custom Grow Cabinets. The complete Seed-to-Harvest systems incorporate the latest cultivation technology inside of a beautiful, handmade piece of furniture.  


Photo courtesy of Grass + Grain Co. 


By Spencer Gooderham, Founder of Grass + Grain Co.

I’ll never forget my first harvest. Slowly trimming the flowers that I patiently nurtured for several months. The excitement of hanging it up to dry and clocking in the final weight. And lastly, rolling up and sparking the freshest weed I’d ever smoked in my life. I started Grass + Grain to share that feeling with as many people as I possibly can. Our mission is simple, to inspire cannabis consumers to grow their own.  

“I believe the physical act of nurturing a plant from Seed-to-Harvest is just as beneficial as the harvest itself.” 

The story started out in our parent’s backyard long before you could buy over-packaged pre-rolls in a posh, boutique dispensary from a bearded “budtender”. My first grow was outside, from an unknown seedling I got from a buddy who had a ‘guy’. I stuck it in the ground with some Miracle Gro and crossed my fingers. I learned a lot from that first grow: the beauty and excitement of growing, the simplicity of it, but also the many issues of growing outdoors. I discovered how difficult it is to control; I rarely talk about the day I lost half a plant to a windstorm and the multiple flowers lost to mould and insects. The entire experience from seed to harvest lasted nearly six months (May – October), and in Canada, that is our only possible growing season of the year. I was in love with growing, but I was ready to move indoors.

Photo courtesy of Grass + Grain Co.


Researching indoor cannabis cultivation these days can be summed up in one word: OVERWHELMING. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours researching different websites, books, forums, chatrooms, brands, reviews, etc. After months of nonstop research one thing became clear: there was a very common thread among this plethora of incredibly complex and conflicting information… it’s called WEED for a reason, don’t overcomplicate it. 

To grow cannabis successfully, three basic needs must be met:
  1. Light: Adequate light source
  2. Food: Growing medium / water / nutrients
  3. Environment: Air movement / climate 
As long as these three base needs are satisfied, one can grow great cannabis. With this in mind, the next step was to decide where I was going to grow: a room, tent, box? Once again, there were many options, but two stood out as the most readily available on the market: Cheap black grow tents that are built to be hidden, and a couple of new age plant-it-and-forget-it grow boxes controlled by an app on your computer or phone.  

Photo courtesy of Grass + Grain Co.


The former didn’t work for me – I lived in a stylish condo downtown and a large black tent in my living room would have really messed with my feng shui – and while the tech-driven grow boxes were pretty cool, I didn’t have $3,000+ to drop on a self-watering mini-fridge. Not to mention, I enjoyed the experience of growing cannabis – I didn’t want an app to grow my plants, I wanted to. I wanted a simple, beautiful, functional, and affordable growing chamber. 

There was only one option left: build my own.

Thus, the idea of Grass + Grain was born, and over the next several months I designed and welded together the first protype out of scrap metal. And I grew some really, really good weed. It was easy, half the time as outdoor, looked great at home, and the final product was much better. So I told some friends about it. They wanted one. They told their friends. Their friends wanted one… and the business was born.

Photo courtesy of Grass + Grain Co.


Over the next year, I worked tirelessly perfecting every aspect of the Grass + Grain Custom Grow Cabinets. Countless hours of back and forth with factories to produce the frame, the components, sourcing supplies etc. We built samples, we screwed up, we built more. Too loud, too bright, too big, too small. We’re perfectionists, and each tweak brought us closer to where we are now. All the while we were perfecting the growing program. We tried different mediums, different nutrients, different fans, different lights, different vents, different pots. We grew A LOT of weed in search of a consistently successful and simple growing program. 

Luckily, we really enjoy growing.

I’m incredibly proud to say that after years of work, we are truly immersed in our mission to inspire cannabis consumers to grow their own. We are bridging the gap between Form + Function in home growing, and we’re incredibly excited to collaborate with like-minded people and brands like Parkdale Brass who have a shared vision of elevating the cannabis experience from Seed-to-Harvest-to-Smoke.

Come grow with us.


Learn more about Grass + Grain Co. and their custom grow cabinets on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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