Recreational Cannabis and Canna Provisions

Recreational Cannabis and Canna Provisions

In the cannabis space, both in Canada and abroad, there comes a time when giving credit where it is due takes precedence. At Parkdale Brass, we believe that for the collective to grow, we must continue to uplift others in the cannabis community. As a dispensary with a reputation for promoting knowledge and excellence, our American neighbours in the US, Canna Provisions, are an obvious choice. A company that prides itself on helping local communities and providing plant medicine to those who need it, this company also supplies cannabis professionals with opportunities in New England. Read on to learn more about how Canna Provisions has helped pave the way for recreational cannabis and the future of the plant we all respect.

Bringing Cannabis Experience to the Table

The founders of Canna Provisions Inc., Meg Sanders and Erik Williams, are no strangers to cannabis and collectively hold 25 years of experience in the industry. The CEO, Sanders, in particular, brought with her the experience of having opened one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado. Not to mention, she worked together with the state governor on cannabis laws that would dictate the future of cannabis there. Chief operating officer, Erik Williams, came with his experience from the NORML Connecticut chapter, which helped decriminalize cannabis as well as legalize medical marijuana in Connecticut in 2013.

Supporting Local Governments

In 2018, the founders chose Western Massachusetts as the location for Canna Provisions, not only for the beauty of the state but also for the culture of health and wellness already established there. On top of wanting to cultivate a community in the local cannabis space, Canna Provisions also wants to give back to the local area. The dispensary pays an annual community impact fee of $5,000 destined to go towards education and other community efforts. Furthermore, Canna Provisions also regularly contributes to causes like the Last Prisoner Project, which aids people of colour who were imprisoned because of bygone cannabis laws.

A Bright, Green Future

While seeking to offer a personal and customer-oriented approach to shopping for cannabis, the dispensary places customer and employee satisfaction high on their list of priorities. From one-on-one conversations with customers to transparency about their company management, Canna Provisions hopes to make cannabis a “team sport” in the words of Williams. Employees working for them at both their Lee and Holyoke locations can also look forward to a respectable hourly wage that quickly climbs over a few months and, within 90 days, also offers health insurance benefits. With happy ‘guides’ (their term for budtenders) that are looked after and encouraged, it’s no surprise that customers rave about their positive experiences at Canna Provisions.

Time to Enjoy

Changing people’s perceptions about cannabis is often a slow process rather than a sudden avalanche. It’s dispensaries like Canna Provisions, doing the work on the ground in smaller communities, that play a vital role in moving the cause forward. For that, as well as their award-winning Chemdog strains and genetics, we salute Canna Provisions! Should you be looking to learn more about cannabis education or history, hop on over to our Instagram. For more information on the cannabis community, as well as cleaning tips or cannabis accessories recommendations, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, drop into our shop to check out our high-quality metal smoking accessories!

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