Marijuana and Vitamin C

Marijuana and Vitamin C

People often wonder if there are interactions between marijuana and other compounds. In some cases, the compounds that are mixed with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can enhance the effects of this cannabinoid, or conversely, stop them working well. Let’s see what happens when marijuana is paired with Vitamin C. 


All interactions are a result of chemistry. When THC meets up with other compounds, new reactions are formed. When it comes to the interaction between THC and Vitamin C, there appears to be no scientific evidence that specific chemical changes occur. 

Mental Effects

During TikTok’s “vitamin C challenge” many users tried drinking the vitamin C packed Emergen-C about half an hour before consuming any cannabis. The users reported to have the “ultimate high” when combining the two. According to the scientists this is likely based on a placebo effect, as they could not find any metabolic impact of vitamin C on THC or any other cannabinoids.

Physical Effects

Since vitamin C does not interact with THC on any meaningful level there are few physical effects. One study found that rats who were given vitamin C prior to THC found that the vitamin C helped with sperm motility. Sperm motility, or the sperms ability to move independently does not provide the user with any specific benefits in the moment, or to their experience with THC. Furthermore, vitamin C does not reduce ones tolerance to THC. It does, however, ameliorate testicular damage when combined with melatonin. 


Today, you can find edibles such as THC or CBD gummies enriched with vitamin C. This is an example of pseudo-science jumping onto the bandwagon of trend. With no specific scientific evidence that vitamin C impacts the experience of using THC, variations in the high of these types of gummies can simply vary by the cocktail (THC + CBD) and how that reacts with your own chemical make up. Other users may simply take vitamin C tablets or powders prior to using cannabis.


If you are seeking a way to augment your weed usage and to boost your high, try one of these alternatives! Mangoes contain myrcene, a terpene that is said to intensify a high when eaten prior or during  consuming marijuana. This is likely based on evidence surround myrcene’s sedative effect. If you have issues with paranoia or anxiety when smoking, try adding higher levels of CBD to the mix. This may decrease your euphoria a bit, but also will reduce feelings of anxiety, leading to a better experience. Another way to augment your high is to mix strains - the varying cannabinoids in strains combine to create something entirely new!

Time to Enjoy

There are no specific scientific studies that can back up the use of vitamin C and THC together. For some individuals, the psychosomatic suggestion that they will work together may be enough to create a new and exhilarating experience when enjoying cannabis. In any event, vitamin C is good for the human body, and will help to boost your immune system if nothing else! This might be a great prophylactic when going to a party in which joints or pipes are shared amongst the group. Looking for more on cannabis science? Then, head to the Parkdale Brass blog! For more cannabis education and infographics check out to our Instagram! Remember to visit The Parkdale Brass shop to check out our high-quality brass pipes.

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