NoviceMedicalGrower’s Lockdown Strains for 2020

NoviceMedicalGrower’s Lockdown Strains for 2020

How’s it going growers, smokers, and marijuana tokers? My name is NoviceMedicalGrower and I am a medical grower and cannabis advocate who shares his experiences and grows on Instagram! Recently, Parkdale Brass reached out and asked what were some of my favourite cannabis strains to enjoy while being at home. With Covid-19 keeping me indoors, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to sit down and share with everyone a few of my favourite strains to not only grow, but also smoke, vape, and dab!

Being a smoker for over a decade now, I’ve enjoyed smoking just about every mainstream strain out there. Lately, I’ve discovered the true beauty of the cannabis plant and being able to grow it for yourself and share it with others! That's why my number six on the list of top lockdown strains is not grown by me, but by a good colleague of mine, BigPerm.

6. BlackBerry Hashplant

This indica dominant strain originally stems from a cross between Blackberry Kush and HashPlant Haze. The flowers grown by BigPerm came to me with very deep purple accents and produced an earthy, fruity aroma. When smoked, the effects weren't long-lasting but provided a good, mellow high. This strain produced strong hash flavours while smoking and vaping, as well as left a slight berry aftertaste.

5. Blue Ice Auto 

Number five is a sativa dominant strain produced by breeding White Widow with Purple Haze and then crossing that with Reduralis. I enjoyed growing this strain as it produced big resinous buds in a short period of time. This strain provides a nice, calm high. The smoke from these girls was great for after dinner, especially in a vape! Unfortunately, finding a good pheno of this strain can be time-consuming and overall, they just didn’t produce a high enough yield to earn a place further up on this list.

4. Blue Dream 

This strain has a long-standing reputation amongst the cannabis community, some praise it and some hate it. At the end of the day, I’ve found that with this strain, it really comes down to phenotype! Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of enjoying a great Blue Dream pheno grown by CooterMcDankerson. It was a beautiful daytime smoke that left the body relaxed but wasn’t overwhelming on the mind. A perfect smoke for anyone looking for something while they’re out and about enjoying nature!  

3. Lemon Zkittles 

Coming in at number three, Lemon Zkittles is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Zkittles OG. This sativa dominant plant produces strong citrus and pinene terpenes which, when smoked, completely engulf the top of the palette. If you enjoy strong hitting sativas, this one's the one for you! 

2. Do-si-dos 

Here's a strain that needs no introduction. This potent indica is often found with THC levels that can reach up to 30%. As someone who medicates for heavy muscle pains and spasms, this cultivar has earned a special place in my stash when I have it. It doesn't take much of the Do-si-dos strain to knock me out for a good night's sleep! 

1. GirlScoutCookies

Topping the list at number one, for me, is Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has long been known as a heavy hitter when the right pheno is found. I recently grew two auto versions of this strain which turned out fantastic. They produced rock hard buds and fantastic terpenes profiles!  

When it comes to choosing the strain for you, it's all about preference and how certain cannabinoids affect you! One thing I do know is that at the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing better than sitting down, packing a bowl, and letting the stress melt away. 


Whether it's growing, smoking, or dabbing, NoviceMedicalGrower has us itching to sample these great cannabis strains. We hope that you'll test out some of these strains and enjoy them at home while in quarantine. Take care of yourselves out there and stay safe, everyone!

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