How To Roll A Rose Blunt

How To Roll A Rose Blunt

Blunt wraps and papers have been around for a long time, but if you're like anyone else chances are you've always wanted to try something different. How about a rose blunt? Rose petals contain aromatic terpenes that meld with your weed's terpenes to provide a new smoking sensation. Rose petals can be fashioned into a blunt to add a bit of class and envy to your next session. Read on to find out how!

Which Roses To Choose

When choosing which roses to use in your blunts, it is helpful to have your own supply. This will ensure that you are not receiving any unwanted pesticides or herbicides in your petals. Also, choose high-quality petals that are aromatic, so their terpenes will blend well with the weed.

Prepping Petals

First, preheat your oven to 120°C (250°F). Then, lay out rose petals on a baking sheet in a single overlapping layer. This will serve as your “paper” when you go to roll your blunt. During this process, we will be drying out the leaves so they are easier to work with - transforming them from soft and velvety to a dried workable texture. Then, toast the petals for a few minutes. Do not turn off the oven - we’re not done with it, yet!


Rolling A Rose Blunt

After that, it's time to grind up your cannabis and place it down the centre of the row of petals you dried on the baking sheet. You should be able to roll the blunt in the same manner as a regular blunt. Then, tuck one edge under the other and lick to seal. Bear in mind, the work isn't over, yet! At this point, your blunt is still moist enough that it may not smoke well.

Post-Roll Procedures

Once your blunt is rolled, place it back in the oven for approximately 10 seconds. After it has had no more than 10 seconds in the oven, let the blunt rest for at least two minutes. If you skip this step, your joint is likely to go out often. Once this time has passed, your rose blunt is now ready for smoking!

Other Tips

Blunts are often a favourite at parties where the blunt will be shared by many people. To ensure potency with many friends, some opt to add kief into the blunt to give a bigger punch. Also, you may want to do some test runs of rose blunts at home so you are sure you have the process right. Plus, it is also helpful to be able to explain the experience to others before asking them to take the plunge!

Time to Enjoy

Rose blunts are a unique way to enjoy your bud. When choosing your rose petals avoid commercially available roses, unless they are organic. This will protect you and your friends from any unwanted chemical residues. Ensure your blunt is thoroughly dried before lighting to minimize the chances of your blunt going out during your session. If you are on the hunt for more tips, head to the Parkdale Brass blog! For more cannabis education and infographics check out our Instagram! Be sure to stop by The Parkdale Brass shop to check out our high-quality cannabis accessories.
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