Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking

Cannabis has been around for decades. You can smoke it, eat it, and even rub it on your body for fast pain relief. Everyone has their preferred ways of consuming cannabis. The most common ways to consume cannabis are through edibles or smoking. 

Both of these consumption methods have different advantages and disadvantages. Which one you prefer will heavily depend on your lifestyle and what you use weed for. Let’s take a look at the differences between edibles and smoking weed. 

The Basics of Edibles

Edibles are, as the name suggests, any food that is infused with marijuana.

There are a few different methods of making edibles. The first is to make them at home by extracting the cannabinoids from cannabis and then infusing them into butter or oil. The second method is to buy commercially made edibles from dispensaries. And finally, you can also purchase cannabis-infused products such as chocolates or candies that have already been prepared for you and are ready to go.

Edibles typically take longer to take effect than smoking cannabis because it must be metabolized through digestion before it reaches the bloodstream. For this reason, edibles may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before they start working.

Why People Love to Smoke Weed

People love to smoke weed for many reasons. Some people smoke it for the pure enjoyment and relaxation that it brings them. Other people use it to help with their anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems. And there are also those who use it to help them with physical pain or discomfort.

Smoking weed also allows for quick relief from a variety of health conditions. The duration of a weed high depends on the user's tolerance and on how much they consume. Most people will experience an intense high for about 2 hours, but it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

The Medicinal and Recreational Benefits of Edibles

Edibles are a safe way to consume cannabis that is not too potent. They are also a great way to consume cannabis if you don't want to smoke it.

The medicinal benefit of edibles is that they provide a slower, more controlled release of THC into the system. This is perfect for people who have trouble with their digestive system or need relief from chronic pain. The recreational benefits of edibles are that they provide a high that lasts longer and can be more intense than smoking marijuana. The risks of edibles are much less than smoking. They also allow for a longer period of time to consume them, which is perfect if you have the munchies and need to get back to your daily routine.

Edibles can be made with a variety of methods including baking. Baking an edible gives it many qualities that other methods do not, such as a crunchy crust, satisfying chewiness, and the ability to make more complex flavors such as desserts or chocolate.

What Are The Key Differences between Smoking vs. Edibles?

Smoking and edibles are two different ways to consume marijuana. Smoking involves combusting the cannabis plant, whereas edibles are consumed orally. 


Smoking is the process of burning or igniting a substance so that it releases smoke, which is then inhaled into the lungs. The smoke from a substance contains many of its chemical components such as nicotine and various other substances that are released from the substance during combustion.


Edibles are cannabis-infused food products such as brownies, cookies, and gummies. When you eat an edible, your stomach breaks down the THC in your bloodstream before it reaches your brain. This means you’ll need to eat more to feel high than if you were smoking weed because of how THC is metabolized by your body in this way.

Is Smoking Weed or Taking Edibles Better for Me?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. Smoking weed and eating edibles both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When you smoke weed, the THC goes straight to your brain and the effects can be felt almost immediately. So it's a good option for those who want instant relief from pain or anxiety. But smoking can also lead to coughing, an increased heart rate, and other side effects that make it less desirable for some people.

Eating edibles means that the THC needs to go through your stomach before it reaches your brain, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. This means that you will feel the effects more slowly than if you smoked weed, but there are fewer side effects than with smoking.

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