Celebrating Craft Cannabis with Lowell Farms’ Origin Collection

Celebrating Craft Cannabis with Lowell Farms’ Origin Collection

At a time when the plant medicine industry is flourishing, spotlighting exceptional brands that match our ethos comes naturally. Lowell Farms has set themselves apart in the American craft cannabis space by striving for quality and sustainability, while never forgetting their roots. Their newest line, the Origin Collection, is inspired by the “terroir” concept in winemaking, likening Californian cannabis to wine produced in Napa Valley. Discover more about Lowell Farms and how their Origin Collection honours the land used to cultivate their precious cannabis.

The Lowell Farms Legacy

As lovers of history, we can’t skip out on the story behind Lowell Farms’ name. In the early 20th century, William “Bull” Lowell began growing Indian Hemp on the central coast of California. A public health official named Henry J. Finger didn’t approve of Lowell’s herb being smoked by certain individuals and put into motion what would become the 1913 Poison Act, which made cannabis illegal. However, Lowell believed in the plant, the benefits it offered and a person’s right to smoke, so he continued to grow it. Eventually, Finger would shut down Lowell’s farm and send him to jail. Today, Lowell Farms honours William “Bull” Lowell by picking up where he left off and growing cannabis the natural way.

Paying Homage to the Land

Lowell Farms prides itself on cultivating cannabis in a way that is respectful to the plant, farmers, and the land. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that their Origins Collection seeks to uphold a form of cannabis cultivation that highlights the environment in which it was grown. From the soil to the sun to the climate, the elements blend to produce strains that would make a seasoned sommelier proud. The Origins Collection brings our attention to how the land can influence the taste, structure, and effects of a cannabis strain.

Strains from The Emerald Triangle

Northern California’s Emerald Triangle earned its title due to being the largest cannabis-producing region in the US. The Origins Collection joins together three strains and farms from the three counties in the Emerald Triangle: Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino. DewPoint Farm from Humboldt crafts the euphoric Purple Banana strain that blends fruity flavours with a cerebral high. Telos Farm of the Trinity region produces a heavenly Wedding Cake strain that provides a stimulating but relaxed high. Finally, Sweet Sisters Family Farm from Mendocino cultivates the Lemon Jack strain with a fresh punch of terpinolene and feelings of excitement and optimism. 

Time to Enjoy

Are you ready to try the Origins Collection? We certainly are, and we raise our pipes to buds at Lowell Farms to congratulate them. Their approach to craft cannabis reminds us to celebrate not only the plant but also the land that produces it. For more about their products and flower, check out the Lowell Farms website and follow them on Instagram. Anyone looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education, be sure to check out the Parkdale Brass blog. If you are searching for cannabis accessories tips or infographics, be sure to visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram, too!
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