Cannabis Myths: Does THC Indicate the Strength of a Cannabis Strain?

Cannabis Myths: Does THC Indicate the Strength of a Cannabis Strain?

Are you heading to your nearest dispensary to restock? Your shopping list might include a variety of products like smoking accessories, edibles and concentrates or flower, which you’ll most likely choose based on their THC level. However, what you should know is that the level of THC in a product may not be a good indicator of the high it provides. When purchasing your cannabis, there’s something else you should be focusing on to ensure it brings the desired effects. Read on to learn what it is and why choosing cannabis based on its THC content isn’t the best game plan.

Why High-THC is Misleading

If you ask most cannabis consumers, they’ll tell you that consuming products with higher THC provides a stronger high. In fact, research shows that other factors dictate the strength of cannabis beyond sativa and indica, as well as THC vs CBD. Essentially, the amount of THC in cannabis does not always correlate with its performance. Ever wondered why pre-pandemic your budtender always asked you to smell the weed? They were asking you to smell the terpenes, as they are a better indicator of a strain’s strength.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds found in anything ranging from fruits to veggies to cannabis. They are composed of aromatic hydrocarbons, and it is their varying sequences that produce an array of aromas. Furthermore, this is what chemically differentiates them from the cannabinoids THC and CBD, although they are all secreted by the plant’s trichomes. All terpenes have different boiling points, so it makes sense that they also have different strength levels.

How Terpenes Can Influence Your High

You’ve surely noticed the various flavours in cannabis like earthy, citrusy, fruity or piney. Well, it’s not just the flavour of a strain that terpenes impact, it’s also the high they produce. For instance, limonene, alongside its citrus flavour, combines body and mind effects, helping to improve mood and providing a sense of euphoria, while also relieving heartburn and acid reflux. On the other hand, myrcene has a more earthy flavour and is known for helping manage pain, but also works as a sedative, leaving cannabis users glued to their sofas. Pinene (both alpha and beta) has a reputation for increasing energy levels while also boosting alertness and memory. These are all effects commonly attributed to either high or low THC doses, but the credit should go to the terpenes.

Time to Enjoy

Everyone reacts to cannabis differently, even more so with varying types of cannabis products. Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that the level of THC in a product is not always indicative of how strong it is! The best indicators are the terpenes. So, next time you’re shopping, be sure you look for the terpenes that have the desired effect you want. If you are looking for more cannabis education or history, hop on over to our Instagram. For cleaning tips or cannabis accessories recommendations, check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, stop by our shop to peruse our high-quality metal smoking accessories!
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