Best Things To Do When High

Best Things To Do When High

Let’s face it, being high makes just about everything fun! The best things to do while high are the activities that enhance your cannabis experience. There are various ways to have fun and explore when you’re high. There’s no limit to what you can do, and there’s an activity for every energy level. Keep on reading to find out the different things you can get into after a good ol’ smoke session. 

Your Favorite Hobby

Many people enjoy their favorite hobby after smoking cannabis. In fact, smoking cannabis is known to enhance creativity. Some of your favorite singers enjoy a couple of puffs before they write a song. Those who enjoy being active might get high beforehand to have more energy for the gym.

Color It Out

If you’ve never tried coloring when high, now is the time. Not only is it super relaxing, but there are various kinds of coloring books out there (even stoner ones). Coloring while high offers the perfect opportunity to let your creativity free and release some stress at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Get Adventurous 

For those who are more on the adventurous side, doing a physical activity like hiking or taking a walk around town is a great way to spend time when you’re high. Nature is even more beautiful after smoking cannabis. Try exploring a new hiking trail. You never know what you might find on an adventure. Take pictures of anything that catches your eye.

Movie Time

Hunker down with some popcorn, chips, candy, and a couple of favorite films for a stoney night in. Having a movie marathon is one the best things to do when high. Nothing replaces the feeling of lounging on the couch with good snacks. While you’re there, you might as well watch some cannabis-related movies

Go Shopping for a New Piece

Cannabis products are forever changing. The most popular bongs back in the 90s look different than the products being made today, such as the Puffco Peak, an electric rig made for consuming concentrates. Being high makes the perfect setting for trying a new pipe or bong. 

Tidy Up Your Space

A clean home is a happy home. Take some time to organize and clean around the house, even if it’s only one room. Rumor has it: being high makes chores a lot more tolerable. Seize the opportunity to get chores and errands done that you have been putting off. The reward for your productivity can be another smoke sesh! Win-win. 

Turn Up The Volume

Besides movies, music is the next best thing to do when high. Playing music when high is one of the top human experiences. Many people say they hear drums in the background they haven’t heard before, and others report getting goosebumps when listening to their favorite songs. If nothing else sounds good, sit back, relax, and turn up the volume all the way. Learn about how to roll a blunt as you’re listening. 

Work Out

Fitness lovers will be happy to find out that working out is great after a smoke session. The key to working out while high is to smoke a sativa-dominant hybrid beforehand. Deciding to consume an indica means you’ll end up on the couch eating snacks instead of being on the treadmill. Make sure to select energizing strains that won’t make you paranoid or anxious. 

Call An Old Friend

Reconnecting with an old friend, or a family member you haven’t talked to in a while can be a great, uplifting thing to do while high. Everyone has someone they have been meaning to call up. This is a perfect time. Of course, don’t call an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend as this could make your high unpleasant. Only try to contact people you could have a good phone call with. 

Educate Yourself 

This doesn’t mean watching a documentary on the downfall of the Roman Empire unless that’s what you’re into. Stoners find it engaging to educate themselves further on topics that interest them. This could mean watching videos on psychedelics, mental health, video games, and even cannabis. Think about a subject you’ve been wanting to learn more about. We bet there’s a documentary you could watch on it. 

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