4 Reasons to Love Clippers Lighters

4 Reasons to Love Clippers Lighters

As a smoker, it’s almost a rite of passage to have an extensive collection of lighters, from mint condition to everyday use or even those reserved for only special occasions. Lighters are an essential tool when it comes to consuming cannabis through combustion. However, some lighters stand out from the crowd for their features. Clipper lighters come to mind when discussing lighters that are a step above the rest, and their design is celebrated worldwide. Learn about four major reasons why stoners love Clipper lighters.

#1 Functional

The Spanish company that invented the Clipper lighter, Flamagas, has been around since the late 1950s. With the invention of new types of high-performance plastic, the company would branch out into new materials, and Clipper would become the world’s first plastic lighter. Today, these lighters feature a whole host of intuitive features that are ideal for any kind of smoker, but especially the modern cannabis consumer. Perhaps the most famous feature is the removable poker perfect for packing cigarettes, joints or blunts. Also, this lighter features a flat edge for easy rolling, which is great when you need a helping hand while prepping a smoke.

#2 Refillable

As one of the world’s leading refillable lighters, Clipper helped set the standard for the market. While there are still plenty of non-refillable lighters on the market, most people expect modern lighters to be refillable, in part, because of the Clipper design. This feeds into the lighter’s popularity, which also influences its distribution and factors into its ubiquity. Whether the Clipper lighter has a nylon or metal body, smokers know they can refill it and use it again and again. Additionally, another part of the lighter can be replaced to ensure that smokers don’t have to do without their favourite accessories.

#3 Replaceable Flint

Although how often you’ll need to replace your flint varies according to how often you use the lighter, it is a simple process that doesn't require much effort. Chances are you’ll need to refill your lighter before you need to replace the flint, but the replacements are very affordable. You can purchase a pack of flints that will last you for your whole Clipper lighter collection. When the time comes to replace one, simply remove the poker and unscrew the bottom to remove the old flint. Then, drop the new flint inside, screw the piece back into place, and you’re ready to toke! It can’t get any easier than that!

#4 Collectible

Clipper lighters are a smoker’s best friend! Beyond their features, these accessories have also become a popular way for cannabis consumers to reflect their taste and style. With an array of series designed by a multitude of artists, it seems that there are infinite types of Clippers lighters available. Choose from neon colours to psychedelic illustrations to special editions with non-slip grip; Clippers are easily the most collectible lighters out there. Smokers who are not fond of nylon can also choose from an assortment of metal designs, which can upgrade the aesthetics of your gear without sacrificing quality.

Time to Enjoy

For cannabis consumers, the right lighter can make all the difference. That’s why Clipper lighters are an easy choice not only for their functionality and collectability but also for the sustainability they can offer. If you are searching for information about pipes or smoking accessories, visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram. Anyone looking for strain recommendations or cannabis education can find that and more on the Parkdale Brass blog. Be sure to check our shop to learn more about our high-quality accessories!
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