4 Reasons to Keep CBD Legal

4 Reasons to Keep CBD Legal

The beginning of the new year is often a time of hope for many, including cannabis activists and consumers alike. However, in some parts of the world, it seems that rather than moving forward with the legalization of cannabis, we are taking two steps back. After all, if you hadn’t already heard, just last summer the French courts ruled that selling CBD was illegal. Since it is a stepping stone towards decriminalization as well as the legalization of the plant, it’s important not to ignore happenings like this. Cannabidiol (CBD) has various healing properties, which have contributed to the widespread use and popularity of the cannabis plant. So, here are the biggest benefits of CBD and four reasons why it should remain legal.

Offers Rest and Relaxation

The cannabinoid CBD has the same healing effects of THC, without the psychoactive properties. People who need help winding down and getting some R&R often turn to cannabidiol for this reason. In simple terms, CBD interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain, which control stress, mood, and anxiety. These receptors can be activated by consuming or smoking CBD. While the former will have you waiting longer to feel the effects (as well as for them to wear off), the latter will provide a quicker feel-good buzz that you’re sure to notice instantly. 

Provides Pain Relief

These days, CBD products can be found more and more commonly outside of dispensaries and smoke shops. Of course, because the cannabinoid has a track record of helping alleviate pain, whether that is from sore muscles to menstrual cramps, the demand for it has grown exponentially in recent years. Additionally, studies show that a high enough dosage of cannabidiol can even aid individuals with epilepsy. Not to mention, people with chronic illnesses commonly choose to vape or smoke CBD when in need of fast relief. Any adverse effects from cannabidiol can easily be remedied by lowering the dose, while still retaining its beneficial effects.

Manages Symptoms of Anxiety

On the topic of studies, we can’t gloss over the fact that cannabidiol is popularly used to treat anxiety. Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which often occur in conjunction with anxiety, can also be managed with CBD. Nonetheless, with mental health issues, the right dose is key and it is best if the treatment is referred by a doctor first. It is possible to consume or smoke too much too soon. Generally, however, upon consuming the correct amount, your brain receptors will react, thereby slowing your heart rate, and allowing you to feel more grounded, calm, cool, and collected.

Helps with Restless Nights

Considering what the world has been through in the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that many struggle to get to sleep at night. Luckily for many who don’t want to take medication or sleeping pills, there is CBD! In fact, most people’s first encounter with cannabidiol is on their search to get more shut-eye. Consuming CBD as part of a sleep routine allows for both the calming of the mind and body before hitting the hay. Once again, it is vital to pay attention to dosage, as lower doses can cause drowsiness while high doses can energize the body.

Time to Act

CBD has a lot to offer the world when it comes to mental, physical and even spiritual health. In order to keep cannabidiol legal, we must remain vigilant and keep demanding more from our local governments and elected officials. If you are looking for cannabis strain recommendations, check out more articles on the Parkdale Brass blog. For more cannabis education, head to our Instagram. Don’t forget to stop by the Parkdale Brass shop and sign up to be notified when our rugged brass pipes are back in stock!

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