10 Classic Smoking Pipe Types

10 Classic Smoking Pipe Types

Pipes aren’t only prized for their functionality, but also their undeniable style. No matter who you are, there is a smoking pipe type out there that will suit your needs and aesthetic. A quick online search for pipe types may flood your mind with choices, but that’s why we’re here to help. This short and sweet guide will serve as a prelude to educate you about classic smoking pipes you may want to add to your collection. Discover some of the most popular classic smoking pipes, what they’re made of and how to select the best one for you!

Common Smoking Pipe Types

Smoking from a pipe is possibly one of the oldest pastimes known to humanity, dating back to at least 9000 BCE. It's no surprise that in the centuries following the creation of the first smoking pipe, styles and materials have evolved extensively. While there are a plethora of classic smoking pipe types available, here are some of the most common:

  • Apple Pipe
  • Billiard Pipe
  • Brandy Pipe
  • Bulldog Pipe
  • Calabash Pipe
  • Canadian Pipe
  • Cherrywood Pipe
  • Churchwarden Pipe
  • Dublin Pipe
  • Sitter Pipe

Each of these smoking pipes types has its own family, meaning there are plenty of variations under the umbrella term. Although they all have their unique style and shape, some pipes such as the Churchwarden, became popular because of films like Lord of the Rings. It’s worth learning more about the pipe families to see which you prefer most.

Popular Smoke Pipe Materials

Nowadays, classic smoking pipes are crafted from an array of materials. The most common include:

  • Briar 
  • Non-Briar Wood (Beech, Cherry, Ebony, Mahogany, etc.)
  • Corn Cob 
  • Clay
  • Gourd 
  • Meerschaum (clay) 
  • Porcelain 

Different materials offer different benefits, for instance, meerschaum allows for a cool and flavorful smoke due to the material’s porosity. The pipe material will also influence the pipe’s cost, which is something you should bear in mind. Nonetheless, briar remains the most popular of all materials for crafting all smoking pipe types. Briar is fire resistant, naturally absorbs moisture, and provides a pleasant aroma ideal for pipe smoking. Not to mention, the material’s quality depends largely on the wood’s natural grain, leading briar to mostly be worked by hand and rarely by machines. Pipe collectors interested in obtaining one-of-a-kind smoke pipes are always enraptured by this facet of this classic smoking pipe type.

How to Choose the Pipe for You

Now that you know more about classic smoking pipe types and materials, you may be a little overwhelmed. However, we suggest that you take it slow and enjoy the process of researching pipes to find the best one for you. Just like ordering a sampler plate at a new restaurant, start with a favourite (in this case tobacco or flower) and explore the rest of your options in a thoughtful and determined manner. Considering that many of these pipes are available online at affordable prices, you can choose to purchase one or two to start. After all, you won’t know which pipe you like most until you try a few!

Time to Enjoy

Pipe smoking is a time-honoured tradition for folks around the world, which is why these classic smoking pipe types remain popular to this day. We hope this article provides some insight for smokers looking to add a class smoking pipe to their collection. If you are on the hunt for more information or facts about pipes, visit the Parkdale Brass Instagram! Anyone searching for smoking accessory recommendations should check out the Parkdale Brass blog. While you’re there, have a look at our high-quality brass pipes in our shop, as well!

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