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Powerful People and Smoking Pipes

Pipes allow people to transcend and connect with realms beyond or our own to acquire knowledge and valuable insight. Smoking pipes often denote intellect and authority, and in this article, we’ll highlight the powerful people who smoked them.

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How to Smoke a Pipe

People all over the world still choose to indulge in the age-old tradition of smoking from a pipe. Regardless of what you smoke, there’s guaranteed to be a pipe out there for you. Uncover our tips for how to find, clean, load, and smoke a pipe.

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Is Brass Safe to Use?

Having a well-designed and high-quality piece to smoke out of isn’t the only thing that matters to smokers and it shouldn’t be! Whether you’re a recreational smoker or smoke like a chimney, you want to be sure that your gear is safe to use. Although brass has a long history of being used in pipes, it’s rare to see it in smoke shops nowadays. While some people might interpret that as a bad sign, we’re here to lay the rumours to rest.

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